shredder and breaker

2-shaft shredder

The 2-shaft shredders of the MC series are suitable for a wide range of applications.
A wide range of sizes and configuration options allows optimum adaptation to the application.

1-shaft shredder

The compact 1-shaft shredders of the SC series can be used efficiently for shredding chips and punched parts.

The 1-shaft shredders of the MS series economically shred wood, plastics, various mixed fractions and large-volume parts.

2-shaft breaker

The 2-shaft breakers of the DB series break large-format plates and lumps in a very short time. Numerous configuration options make this crusher a real specialist.

1-shaft breaker

The 1-shaft crushers of the UB series effectively crush hard and brittle materials.
This lump breaker can show its strengths in particular with highly abrasive materials.

data carrier shredder

The data carrier shredders of the DATA series destroy data carriers according to the strict requirements of DIN 66399.
With their performance and enormous robustness, they meet the requirements of service providers, public authorities and the IT industry.

H&S Scheuten GmbH

H&S Scheuten GmbH is a manufacturer and distributor of shredding machines and plants.

Our machines are used in many fields of application. These include the recovery of raw materials of all kinds, destruction of data carriers, processing of biomass, processing of various intermediate products and raw materials.

Thanks to our 20 years of experience, we can offer you optimum machine adjustment and individual solutions.

Our shredding machines are characterised by a robust, durable construction, high efficiency and low energy consumption. Due to their modular design, the machines can be equipped for a wide variety of applications. The large selection of cutting and crushing tools as well as perforated screens enable the shredding of various materials.

The quality of the machines is always the focus of our actions.

We are a competent partner for you from the planning, commissioning to the maintenance of your shredding plant. We stand for personal, intensive and comprehensive service.

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